In order to better align with physical distancing guidelines regarding transportation, we have put together a Parent/Guardian Transportation Permission Form for families who may be interested in transporting their own student athlete to and from competitions. This form does have some guidelines that will need to be adhered to in order to be honored by the district –

  1. The form must be filled out and returned to the coach two school days prior to the planned activity / trip.
  2. Multiple games / matches / meets can be included on a single sheet. However, the dates listed must coordinate with scheduled events. If the activity is rescheduled or changed for any reason, a new form must be submitted and approved.
  3. The student athlete / parent will be expected to sign-in and sign-out with the coach at the events.
    1. Coaches will keep a list of parents/guardians whom a student can be released to. This list is created with the information placed on the transportation form provided.
  1. Example – If the mother is listed on the sheet and the father comes to pick up that student, we can not release that student to that person, and they will need to be transported on the bus.
  1. Coaches WILL NOT leave any student behind if a parent/guardian is not at the event yet (not even with permission). Nor will they delay team departure back from an event. In this instance, that student will be expected to ride the bus back to the school to be picked up.
  2. No parent is permitted to transport other players to or from a game/match/meet. Each player must be transported by their own parent/guardian or the team bus.

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Transportation Permission Form
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