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Strategic Plan

strategic plan

Building School Improvement Plan (BSIP)

Walden Middle School Building School Improvement Plan - Goals SY 23-24

Measure: Access and Opportunity Index  

Strategy 1: Deploy MTSS: Expand and systemize intervention processes K-12 for reading and math.

·         Action Step - MTSS interventions selected by teams

·         Action Step -  NWEA goal setting lesson

·         Action Step - CCR Index Lesson

 Strategy 2: Fully deploy a plan to implement AVID schoolwide K-12.

·         Action Step - Ensure teachers are implementing lessons using WICOR

·         Action Step -  Ensure 70% or more staff are trained in AVID

·Strategy 3: Implement culturally responsive education practices.

·         Action Step -PD for staff on CRE strategies - DEIB Narrative: EPLC(do Culturally Responsive            Practices- have highest group lead with others)

Measure: Climate Index 

Strategy 1: Deploy MTSS: Expand and systemize intervention processes K-12 for behavior.

·         Action Step - Speak to -Restorative practices/PBIS DEIB Narrative: EA

·Strategy 4: Implement a preK-12 social emotional learning curriculum.

·         Action Step - Weekly Implementation of Character Strong

·Strategy 5: Develop a chart of work to implement the DEIB Drivers and Narratives.

·         Action Step -  Celebrate cultural diversity through monthly focused lessons DEIB Narratives:            CSWS, CMC

·         Action Step - Cultural Leadership Group DEIB Narrative: EIR, SSCC

Measures: Human Resources Scorecard Financial Scorecard

Strategy 3: Sustain a fiscally intentional operating budget reflective of strategic goals.

·         Action Step - Ensure equitable distribution of funds for all teachers to support their programs

·         Action Step - Funds available to support all strategic goals



Teaching adolescents to be resilient, problem-solving and compassionate adults.