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Reading Your Schedule

photo of a planner

Some students have questioned why they have a particular course listed twice on their schedule and if this is in error. It is not. After referencing the example schedule the reason behind the duplicate listing should become clear. 

Here is an example schedule for reference. This student is an 8th grader on the Monarch team.

Purple Days

On purple days, they will have the following classes:

1: Tutorial
2/3: Language Arts
4: Band
5/6: Algebra
7: PE
8: Life Ed
9 : PLTW

For a purple day, periods 2/3 and 5/6 are two “periods” put together (also referred to as a “block”), so total 84 minutes in length. All other periods for this 8th grader are 42 minutes. 

Silver Days

On silver days, they will have the following classes:

1: Tutorial
2/3: Reading
4: Band
5/6: Social Studies
7/8: Science
9: PLTW   

For silver days, this student will have three of the 84 minute blocks and three of the 42 minute periods. 

It seems confusing at first but after the first couple of days we know our students will get the hang of it. Staff members are available to assist them as needed.

Here is a sample schedule

Block Schedules

Park Hill Middle Schools have all started block schedules. Block scheduling reduces the number of transitions students have throughout the day, minimizes the interactions between the grade levels and maximizes the learning time for students.